The Hague: cooperation and innovation in security at home and abroad

The Hague is known as the city of peace and justice thanks to the presence of some 200 international organisations. The city and the country as a whole are also dedicated to promoting national and international security, a crucial precondition for peace and justice. In and around The Hague, national and international institutions are increasingly making connections between peace, justice and security. Cooperation and innovation play a key role in these efforts, as The Hague works to create a better world.

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The Hague Security Delta

Thanks to the increasing links between different institutions, a hub of specialist knowledge on national and international security has emerged in and around The Hague, forming the basis for 'The Hague Security Delta'.

'CSI The Hague'

Organisations and companies based in The Hague are working to improve national and international security. They focus on protecting buildings and individuals, studying new forensic techniques and preventing terrorist attacks.

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