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The Netherlands and The Hague as host country and host city

The Netherlands is proud that some 200 international governmental and non-governmental organisations are based in and around The Hague. Thanks to the presence of these organisations and of many knowledge institutions, the Netherlands can rightly claim to be a centre of expertise in the field of peace and justice. The Dutch government is eager to maintain and develop its country’s status. To this end the Netherlands seeks to be a good host country, joining with host city The Hague to offer a good working environment to international organisations and a good living environment to their staff. The services offered to these organisations and their staff are a major priority, reflected by the municipality’s establishment of an International Centre for expats at City Hall and the realisation of an office building designed to house multiple non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

View the factsheet for more information about the Netherlands as host country and The Hague as host city.


Being a good host for international organisations is in keeping with the Dutch constitution, article 90 of which gives the Dutch government the task of promoting the development of the international legal order. The Netherlands is one of the few countries in the world to have included this important task in its constitution.

Establishing NGOs in The Hague

The number of NGOs in The Hague has more than doubled over the past ten years: from 80 to 170. This is partly due to the attractive business climate and the premium facilities offered in The Hague. NGOs like Oxfam Novib, Save the Children and Cordaid have already chosen The Hague as their base. In the ‘NGO Roadmap’, the city of The Hague explains the steps that NGOs need to take to establish themselves in The Hague.

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