Economic benefits of peace and justice

The international organisations based in The Hague make a major contribution to the local economy, for instance by generating more than 37,500 jobs. Furthermore, expats spend some € 2.7 billion here each year. The Hague’s international reputation is steadily growing, and the city aims to maintain its strong profile in the years ahead and raise it even further on a par with cities like Geneva and Vienna. In doing so, The Hague will attract not only international organisations, but also major multinationals.

View the factsheet for more information about the economic effects of peace and justice.

A positive effect

International organisations have a positive effect on the economy and employment in The Hague and the Netherlands as a whole, benefiting companies in the IT, cleaning, hospitality and education sectors, taxi firms, tax consultants, retailers and security firms.


The Hague is of particular interest to companies in the energy, IT and security sectors, as well as being home to many service providers, such as pension funds, insurance brokers, tax consultancies and law firms. In turn, these companies create employment and contribute to the Dutch economy.

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